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9-Day Early Voting 2024 Election Dates Schedule

  All Qualified Voters have the right to mark a ballot and deposit the ballot in the tabulator beginning the second Saturday before an
  election and ending the Sunday before the election.

  February 27, 2024 - Presidential Primary Election

  Day 1


February 17th
  Day 2 Sunday February 18th 
  Day 3 Monday February 19th
  Day 4 Tuesday February 20th
  Day 5 Wednesday February 21st
  Day 6 Thursday February 22nd
  Day 7 Friday February 23rd
  Day 8 Saturday February 24th
  Day 9 Sunday February 25th        

 August 6, 2024 - Primary Election

  Day 1 Saturday July 27th
  Day 2 Sunday July 28th
  Day 3 Monday July 29th
  Day 4 Tuesday July 30th
  Day 5 Wednesday July 31st
  Day 6 Thursday August 1st
  Day 7 Friday August 2nd
  Day 8 Saturday August 3rd
  Day 9 Sunday August 4th

 November 5, 2024 - General Election

  Day 1 Saturday October 26th
  Day 2 Sunday October 27th
  Day 3 Monday October 28th
  Day 4 Tuesday October 29th
  Day 5 Wednesday October 30th
  Day 6 Thursday October 31st
  Day 7 Friday November 1st
  Day 8 Saturday November 2nd
  Day 9 Sunday Novermber 3rd